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Auto Accidents Caused by Sciatica Delayed Braking Time Part 2


Part 2 delayed braking reaction time caused by sciatica, we continue with the spinal cord, nerves, and how they communicate with the brain. A herniated disc can cause sciatica, which is a compressing of the nerve/s in and around the spinal cord. This compression causes a pinching of the nerve/s like bending a water hose cuts off the flow and damages the hose, is what happens to the spinal nerve/s cutting proper blood flow, and proper synapse/signal flow.

This occurs from the damage to the nerve/s and could delay braking signals for a split second. But that is all that is needed for an auto accident to happen. A delay in braking time has been found in individuals with herniated/bulging/ruptured/slipped discs. Fortunately, through chiropractic and physical therapy, the nerves can be re-stimulated and brought back to optimal function.


The spinal cord is about one inch across at its widest and around eighteen inches long. The spinal cord is a type of tube that is filled with nerves and cerebrospinal fluid. This protects and nourishes the cord. Spinal cord added protection includes:

There are three types of membranes surrounding the spinal cord referred to as meninges. The outer membrane is known as the dura mater, the middle membrane is the arachnoid mater and the innermost membrane is the pia mater.

These membranes can become inflamed and damaged by disease or trauma. Arachnoiditis is caused by inflammation of the arachnoid lining that results in intense stinging and burning pain. This can happen post-surgery and can cause the scarring of nerve/s.

The nerves exit the spinal column and branch out to the rest of the body. All parts of the body are controlled by specific spinal nerves. The nerves are placed in and around the area they control. Like the nerves in the neck area branch out into the arms. This is why a neck ache/pain issue can lead to pain spreading into the arms and hands.

  • Thoracic spine controls the middle of the body,
  • The lumbar spine extends into the outer legs controlling that area
  • Sacral nerves control the middle of the legs and organ functions of the pelvis

The brain

Two major types of nerves: sensory and motor. Sensory nerves send information like:

  • Touch
  • Temperature
  • Pain

These get sent to the brain via the spinal cord. Motor nerves relay signals from the brain back to the muscles making them contract voluntarily or reflexively. Peripheral nervous system – the PNS has nerves that extend down the spinal canal and branch out at openings in the vertebrae called foramina.

Signals/messages get sent to and from the brain aka the central nervous system. It sends all types of signals including pain and initiates movement. For example, the nerves reflexively make the spine twist and turn when driving to keep balance when turning and braking. The peripheral nervous system is a collection of millions of nerves throughout the torso and limbs. This system conveys messages to the central nervous system.

Referred pain

When a health problem/issue/condition takes place in one part of the body with pain being felt in another or several areas, pain specialists call it referred pain.


Nerves exiting the spinal cord is done in pairs with one being a sensory nerve, and the other a motor nerve. Motor nerves initiate movement and bodily function. Damage to a motor nerve could cause a weakness in a muscle or loss of function. For example, a prick in the foot that is not felt could mean there is some sensational loss, indicating a problem with the sensory nerves and or possible nerve damage. These are the nerves that control pain, temperature, etc. Sensory nerve issues can feel like shooting electrical pain Continuing with activities could exacerbate the nerve damage.

Cauda Equina

The spinal cord ends at the lumbar low back, where the nerves extend in a bundle of strands called cauda equina, called this because it looks like a horsetail. These nerves provide motor and sensory function to the:

  • Legs
  • Intestines
  • Genitals
  • Bladder

Therefore, based on this knowledge there is adequate information displaying how sciatica could cause a delayed braking reaction time based on the nerves’ dysfunctional signal firing. Chiropractic treatment could be an option to help an individual realign their spine, work out tight muscles, nerves, ligaments preventing any further damage, and getting the individual back in top form.

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