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Nutritional Genomics

Nutritional Genomics & Nutritional Genetics

Nutrigenomics deals with nutritional genomics that studies how food affects gene expression. (Gene expression is the process of taking the instructions from a gene that are then converted into a functional product, e.g., protein.)

Nutritional genomics, also known as Nutrigenomics, is a field of science that studies the relationship between the human genome or (the genetic material of an organism) in this case humans, nutrition and health.

Genomics is finding an understanding of how the whole body responds to a particular food through systems biology and single gene/single food compound/supplement relationships.

Nutrigenetics is the science that researches and looks to discover how people respond to nutrients. This depends on their genetic variation.

Genetic variation is defined as the differences over space of individuals/populations. For example, individuals have similar characteristics but are rarely identical. This is the variation.

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