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Spinal Decompression Eliminates Herniated Discs El Paso, TX.


FDA recognizes and approves spinal decompression and its ability to eliminate herniated discs.

On the verge of back surgery, a mason discovered the non-surgical solution to work-related chronic back pain.

A new male patient who works in construction came to see me as a last resort to lessen his back pain brought on from damaged/herniated discs.

  • His primary caregiver recommended back surgery, but that would have put him on disability for months.
  • Fortunately, before saying yes to the surgery, a co-worker recommended chiropractic care.
  • Bricklayers/masons have the highest rate of back injuries with non-paid sick leave.

Constant bending over, even with a back brace, takes its toll on the spine, which in this case resulted in two herniated discs.

Pain medications helped in the beginning but with constant use, put him in a constant brain fog state, along with the expense, which took its toll on the family budget.



Disc Injury & Back Surgery

The doctor did not discuss spinal decompression therapy

  • A non-surgical back treatment that slowly and gently stretches the spine.
  • This stretching lessens the pressure on the compressed nerve root (herniated disc) and results in less and even complete alleviation.

The patient came twice a week with myself and the team working on him over the course of a month, however, every case is different so treatments vary depending on the condition.

With each treatment, the two herniated discs were slowly reverted back to their natural position. This is able to be achieved with less pressure between the discs.

Towards the end of treatment, the patient’s pain was gone by about 90%.

With two weeks of rest, the patient was able to return to work.

The best part was that there was no surgery, pain medications, disability, and hospital bills.


Spine treatment alternative

Chiropractic/Decompression therapy is way less expensive than medication and surgery. It is:

  • Non-surgical
  • Recovery time is faster
  • Completely drug-free

People suffering every day with herniated/injured discs should consider the chiropractic decompression option. You do not have to learn to live with chronic back pain.

If you suffer from:

  1. Herniated discs
  2. Bulging discs
  3. Degenerative disc disease

I encourage you to discuss the condition with an experienced chiropractor. There are many proven alternatives to back surgery and pain meds. People need to be aware of these alternatives for chronic back pain. The right-back pain treatment can definitely improve the quality of life.


Herniated Disc El Paso, TX



Sandra Rubio developed two herniated discs and a bulging disc after suffering from an accident at a young age, which caused her intense pain throughout her youth.

When she became a mother, her symptoms became severe.

After visiting doctors without results, Sandra found chiropractor Dr. Alex Jimenez and found relief from her sciatica and migraines.

The herniated disc treatment she received from Dr. Alex Jimenez was non-surgical.

A herniated disc, also known as a slipped disc, is a medical condition in which:

  • A tear from the outer intervertebral disc allows the soft, central area to bulge out beyond the outer rings.



Disc herniation is usually a result of:

  • Degeneration (wear/tear)
  • Trauma (auto accident/sports injury)
  • Lifting injuries
  • Straining movement

The tear can release the compounds, which cause inflammation and can cause severe pain even if the nerve root not compressed.

A physical examination is usually the first step in diagnosing a herniated disc. The chiropractor will examine the spine while the patient is standing, and while they’re lying down. Depending on the severity and location of the herniation, they may note a decrease in spine curvature.

Radicular pain will be assessed, when the spine is:

  • Unmoving
  • In motion
  • With pressure applied

Other tests may be administered.

X-rays may also be taken, but an MRI is usually more accurate and shows more detail.

Chiropractic has been very effective in helping patients manage their pain and regain their mobility so they can return to their normal life. Therefore, it should be your first option for treatment before you go down the road with drugs or surgery.


NCBI Resources

It is often referred to as a ruptured disc or slipped disc and occurs when the disc moves or slips out of place. It can also be the result of a disc that has a small tear and is leaking the jelly-like substance that is inside. This can put pressure on the surrounding nerves, causing pain and discomfort.


Dr. Alex Jimenez D.C.,C.C.S.T

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