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Doctor 0f Chiropractic: Charlie Quiroga found the extra “push” she needed at PUSH Fitness so as to regain her fitness and get back in shape, as well as to improve her overall health and wellbeing. Charlie Quiroga is grateful to the coaches which helped keep her motivated to continue following a healthier lifestyle. Charlie Quiroga has heard the significance of “pushing” herself towards her goals and remaining positive. Charlie Quiroga urges PUSH as the fitness choice that is very best.

Weight Loss Doctor Of Chiropractic


Weight management techniques encircle long-term lifestyle plans that promote healthy eating and daily physical activity. Effective weight management programs consider not just weight reduction but also the maintenance of a healthy body weight with time. Moreover, weight control entails understanding of meaningful procedures to track weight over time and set perfect body weights for different individuals. Weight control doesn’t include things like fad diets that promote quick weight loss. It targets the results that are achieved through weight loss.

We are blessed to present to you El Paso’s Premier Wellness & Injury Care Clinic.

Our services are specialized and focused on injuries and the complete recovery process. Our areas of practice include: Wellness & Nutrition, Chronic Pain, Personal InjuryAuto Accident Care, Work Injuries, Back Injury, Low Back Pain, Neck Pain, Migraine Headaches, Sport Injuries, Severe Sciatica, Scoliosis, Complex Herniated Discs, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Pain, Stress Management, and Complex Injuries.

As El Paso’s Chiropractic Rehabilitation Clinic & Integrated Medicine Center, we passionately are focused treating patients after frustrating injuries and chronic pain syndromes. We focus on improving your ability through flexibility, mobility and agility programs tailored for all age groups and disabilities.

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Thank You & God Bless.

Dr. Alex Jimenez DC, C.C.S.T

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