Monday 4/17/17


As mentioned in this cycle we will be working on pull strength, setting up for a better Memorial Day Murph, and extra supplemental strength work to do on your own after or before WOD. You can find this video here.

By the way, “Murph” is a workout that we do every Memorial Day. It is a classic CrossFit workout that just about every CrossFitter has done at one point or another. It is done in memory of Navy Lieutenant Michael Murphy, 29, of Patchogue, N.Y., who was killed in Afghanistan June 28th, 2005. (Yes, the same guy the Lone Survivor Movie featured)


Today we will be attacking a version of Murph. However, the sets of gymnastic work will be mandated to bigger sets than most people use, building some muscle endurance.

“70% Murph”
1100m Run
70 Pullups
140 Pushups
210 Squats
1100m Run

Middle MUST be done in 10 sets of
7 Pullups
14 Pushups
21 Squats

COACH NOTE: Dont be afraid of this workout. It may look intimidating at first glance but if needed, like always, you can scale the length of the run and/or each movemen. That’s what your coaches are for. All skill levels can definitely accomplish today’s workout.

– Coach Marc

Supplemental Strength Work
1) Kettblebell RDLs- 3×15 @ Heaviest
2) Wide Grip Lat Pulldowns- 3×8-10@ heaviest
3) Seated Row- 3×8-10@ heaviest

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